Fall Prevention Awareness Day

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Do you or someone you know:

* Say: "I have always had bad balance" or "I am just clumsy"?

* Usually in a hurry?

* Have falls or near falls often (1 time or more a year)?

Today is your day to ask yourself what do you want to do to make a change. To live a happier and safer life free of fear of falling.

Facts about our community members 65 years of age and older: 

  • Falling is NOT a normal part of aging. 
  • 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 fall.
  • In 2015, MD reported 9,519 falls
  • Falls were the leading cause of injury related hospitalizations for this age group.
  • People who fall 1 time start to limit their mobility due to fear of falling, in turn, decreasing their quality of life and putting them at a higher risk of falling again.

Tips to keep you safe this fall

  • Make sure you have good lighting throughout your home. 
  • Pick up and put away throw rugs and clutter in the home.
  • Make sure your outdoor walkways are free of leaves and debri so you can see the ground. 
  • You shall Hurry No More.  Slow down and bring attention to your body and surroundings. 
  • Check your feet and your footwear, is it to heavy?
  • If you need help with balance, strength, coordination or walking contact us today.  We are here to help you get back on your steady feet and help prevent falls in the fall. 

Here is how PTX can help you:

  1. Call us for your free balance screen.
  2. If appropriate, set up your appointment with your doctor to review these results and get a referral from your doctor.
  3. Set up an appointment with your physical therapists. 
  4. We assess your balance, strength, footwear and much more.
  5. We set up a specific program that can help you with your mobility needs to improve your:
    • range of motion
    • coordination
    • strength
    • balance
    • body awareness




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