OsteoGro Program in Ellicott City

The PT OsteoGro Program is a non-pharmaceutical bone strengthening program designed to promote improved skeletal bone density and increase muscular strength for persons of all ages. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to identify and treat both persons at risk for developing osteoporosis and those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

To improve bone mass density and muscular development, we utilize two primary technologies, including:

bioDensity™ Training, The "No-Sweat Workout"

bioDensity is a safe and controlled approach offering the benefits of high impact activity without the risk of heavy lifting or jumping. Once-weekly, bioDensity sessions are shown to improve bone density to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia, as well as improve lipids and blood sugar (A1C) measurements in type 2 diabetics. Regular use of the bioDensity improves the structures of the body, the building blocks of movement and function for increased quality of life.

The bioDensity osteogenic loading system places users in optimal biomechanical positions to safely load multiples of their body weight for short periods of time. Based on a scientific principle known as Wolff’s law, intense compressive forces distort bone mass causing bone synthesizing cells, known as osteoblasts, to absorb minerals which reinforce the structure of the bone, making it harder and less porous. Force loaded with the bioDensity system is self-imposed, meaning users control the amount of load applied based on comfort, practically eliminating the risk of injury.

A research study published in a supplement of Osteoporosis International, substantiates significant increases in bone mineral density (BMD) among seniors using an exercise system designed for osteogenic loading. This marks the first time the use of any non-pharmaceutical protocol has been shown to increase bone mass at such significant levels.

The results of this study showed bone density gains that averaged 7% in the hip and 7.7% in the spine over one year using bioDensity™. By contrast, the Boniva clinical trials found gains of 3.1% in the hip and 6.4% in the spine over a three-year period. So, with triple the amount of time, the drug intervention fails to match what bioDensity™ osteogenic loading can do by stimulating the natural bone regeneration process.

The bioDensity™ system safely aids in increasing bone density by stimulating the body’s natural bone generation process. Based on existing science of bone compression, bioDensity applies optimal biomechanics for the self-compression of bone, stimulating adaptations of density in bone, tendons and ligaments.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) for Bone Health

WBV is a training method employing varying amplitudes and frequencies that produce mechanical stimulation to musculoskeletal structures for the improvement of muscle strength, power, flexibility and bone health. Additionally, there are many health benefits for hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic and nervous systems simultaneously.

WBV can help reverse the effects of osteoporosis by increasing mechanical stress on bones via involuntary muscle contractions and improved muscular strength.

Additionally, WBV has been shown to increase the release of human growth hormone, serotonin, neurotrophin, testosterone and IGF-1, which factor into regeneration and repair of tissues. This can be helpful during significant life transitions such as menopause.

WBV can also help with:

Balance and Coordination

During WBV, the moving plate excites stretch receptors and tendon reflexes in joints, promoting increased receptor activity and challenging balance and coordination in a safe environment. Single-leg activities during WBV promote improved static and dynamic balance through that lower extremity.

Joint Pain

The vertical movement stretches joints, thereby increasing space and replacing fluid between the bones, while raising critical blood flow to an area. Intermittent pressure stimulates optimal cartilage function. Like a sponge repeatedly squeezed underwater, synovial fluid is repeatedly pumped through cartilage. This improves joint mobility, eases joint stress and relieves tension.

Pelvic Floor Instability

Pregnancy and aging can soften connective tissue and pelvic floor musculature. Vibration therapy quickly returns the hormonal system to balance while firming connective and muscle tissue.

Postoperative Recovery

Improved blood and lymph circulation via WBV speeds healing after surgery or trauma. Serotonin release calms a patient, while HGH release speeds recovery. WBV also inhibits the loss of muscular strength during the postop period.

Nervous System

WBV stimulates proprioceptors to trigger muscle and joint contractions.

Lymph Drainage and Detoxification

The lymphatic system connects every organ to purify the body and strengthen immunity. The system works via the pumping action of movement and exercise, which is often limited by a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. Vibration therapy stimulates lymph drainage to promote detoxification and strengthen the immune system. Some new WBV models are shaped like beds and chairs to promote healing in bedridden or nonweight-bearing patients.

All this leads to WBV vibration exercise being a safe and fast way to exercise effectively. Like aerobic and anaerobic exercise, whole-body vibration increases physical strength, dexterity and endurance. Heightened circulation increases oxygen uptake, while mechanical oscillations cause tendon stretch reflexes to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions throughout the body.

Cardiovascular System

By stimulating muscle contractions, WBV promotes blood flow to increase cardiac output and overall circulation. Current research continues to demonstrate that blood cells individualize and resist clumping as a result of WBV.

A healthy cardiovascular system rapidly adapts to new stress and helps the body recovery from exercise sessions. Important for total health and fitness.

With the PTX Bone Health Program, you have access to cardiovascular equipment within the medical gym. This includes the AlterG Anti-gravity treadmill, stationary bikes, treadmills, and nustep machines. With the use of this equipment, you will be able to target and improve your cardiovascular fitness and positively impact your bone health.

OsteoGro Yoga

PT OsteoGro Yoga with Kate Anderson is offered every Sunday both virtual and in person.  Kate Anderson is an RYT 500 who has furthered her education by completing the yoga vs. osteoporosis practicum.  Each class is designed to strengthen your bones through the power of movement and breath.  

Medical Gym Membership Cross Wellness & Physical Therapy equipment

The Medical Gym at PTX promotes health and fitness to individuals with medical conditions, as well as to those seeking general conditioning and improvement in health metrics. Our primary focus is to assist our clients in reducing the occurrence and/or severity of chronic conditions by assisting with individualized exercise programs and providing healthy living education.

If you become a member, you can access the gym at your convenience during our operating hours.


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