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To our amazing PTX community of Xtraordinary Patients!

These are certainly challenging times right now and we want you to know that the PTX team is here for you. The power of community is more important than ever right now and we are all in this together. 

While the landscape of physical therapy continues to change with the evolving public health situation, our team is working hard to develop ways that we can continue to help you in your recovery (and in your everyday life).

Virtual Physical Therapy

You may be asking: “What the heck is Virtual Therapy/Telehealth?”

In short, Telehealth PT is a virtual video session in which your therapist can assess your movement and provide you with education, exercises, and other tools that can assist your recovery. Telehealth is a well‐defined and established method of health service delivery, and it is becoming more and more widely used across the entire spectrum of the medical field; you may even already be using similar services for other medical needs.

Now you may be thinking: “How can I participate in physical therapy over Virtual Therapy/Telehealth? Doesn't my physical therapist have to actually touch me to help with my pain?”

Despite popular opinion, the majority of the information needed for a physical therapist to diagnose, develop a plan of care, and treat patients can be obtained without being physically present, and physical therapists can effectively provide services using Telehealth as part of their scope of practice. Although certain techniques (e.g. manual therapy, electrical stimulation) cannot be performed through a Telehealth session, these are simply a few, of many, tools used by physical therapists. Therapists have many other tools in our toolbox which can be used to effectively reduce pain and improve function.

Physical therapists are movement experts, and through video we can observe how you move and provide and coach you through your exercises to ensure they are performed correctly. We can also identify any barriers to optimal function and provide relevant solutions, along with essential education for injury/pain management. There are many ways that we can help you move towards your goals and get back to living your life.

Virtual Therapy/Telehealth is offered with Lisa Massie, PT,DPT, CMTPT

To "Request an Appointment", please look to the Right side of the page and fill out information and hit Submit. 

At this time, insurance companies are changing and evolving with their coverage for PT telehealth. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 443-393-3788 or

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