BioDensity TrainingTM

The bioDensityTM osteogenic loading system places users in optimal biomechanical positions to safely load multiples of their body weight for short periods of time. Based on a scientific principle known as Wolff’s law, intense compressive forces distort bone mass causing bone synthesizing cells, known as osteoblasts, to absorb minerals which reinforce the structure of the bone, making it harder and less porous. Force loaded with the bioDensity system is self-imposed, meaning users control the amount of load applied based on comfort, practically eliminating the risk of injury.

A research study published recently in a supplement of Osteoporosis International, the official journal of the International Osteoporosis Foundation and National Osteoporosis Foundation, substantiates significant increases in bone mineral density (BMD) among seniors using a new exercise system designed for osteogenic loading. This marks the first time the use of any non-pharmaceutical protocol has been shown to increase bone mass at such significant levels.

The results of this study showed bone density gains that averaged 7% in the hip and 7.7% in the spine over one year using bioDensityTM. By contrast, the Boniva clinical trials found gains of 3.1% in the hip and 6.4% in the spine over a three year period. So, with triple the amount of time, the drug intervention fails to match what bioDensityTM osteogenic loading can do by stimulating the natural bone regeneration process.

The bioDensity system safely aids in increasing bone density by stimulating the body’s natural bone generation process. Based on existing science of bone compression, bioDensity applies optimal biomechanics for the self-compression of bone, stimulating adaptations of density in bone, tendons and ligaments.

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