Patient Testimonials
  • Emilie C.
    3 years ago
    Vicki Seibert at Physical Therapy at Crossroads is an amazing miracle worker. She is so knowledgeable, gentle and caring and determined to help me walk again after a knee injury. All exercises were always at a level I could handle, and she never pushed me beyond where I could go. I was surprised to see how quickly I began to feel better. I love the staff as well. Everybody is so friendly and helpful. Thank you so much Vicki for your top-notch expertise. This was an A+++ experience!
  • Lee Ann M.
    3 years ago
    After doing the physical therapy sessions for four weeks, I was able to put on and take off clothes and coats much more comfortably.
  • Coleen H.
    3 years ago
    When I started therapy, I felt like a pretzel in pain. Everything hurt. I had knots all over my back. My shoulder blade, shoulders, and neck were so tight it hurt to hold my head up. I am now feeling so much better and my headaches have decreased. Lisa worked with me and has done manual manipulation and dry needling along with exercise. I am feeling so much better. I have a written plan in my folder, so I can do my exercises at home. I am now finished PT and was told to call and come back if problems start to flare up. I have been very happy with my care. I will continue with my home program to strengthen myself...
  • Simone M.
    3 years ago
    I started PT because of very little range of motion in my neck and a lot of pain on the right side. My chiropractor recommended PT. It’s been four weeks and the improvement in my range of motion is amazing and the pain is so much less. Before I had a terrible time turning my head to the right and now I’m turning without much pain at all. The staff were patient and so easy to work with and didn’t push me beyond my pain levels. I’m extremely thankful to be close to being back to normal! Thank you!
  • Jennifer Z.
    3 years ago
    Over the course of two months of treatment I have seen a [vast] improvement in pain, muscle tightness and ability. I am back to running and able to do strengthening exercises without pain. Vicki was very insightful and provided me with a lot of understanding of what I needed to do differently.
  • Teri H.
    3 years ago
    Lisa, Neal and the whole staff at Physical Therapy were such a great group to work with on my now greatly improved SI, hip area. I never thought I would actually enjoy coming to physical therapy. In a few months' time I have much improvement in doing simple things, such as shopping or standing in line. I have exercises and tools at home now that I use to help me stay pain-free. I am grateful for your help.
  • Pam A.
    3 years ago
    For the first time in 3 years I was able to go to the grocery store and shop. I was able to carry my bags to the car and take them into the house. Fantastic feeling.
  • Lilian G.
    3 years ago
    I have been coming to Physical Therapy for about 9 months and this was the best. I have been treated with unconditional kindness and respect. Jonathan, Neal and Antoine are great. My self-esteem has become so much better since I came here and the staff at the front desk are awesome. Because of Physical Therapy at Crossroads I am not afraid to walk by myself. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back on track.
  • Susan S.
    1 year ago
    I am soooo much better. I have no pain and and walking a lot more. I still don’t have full strength in my hip but will continue doing the exercises you gave me since they seem to be working. I can’t thank you enough for seeing me through this. This has been a great experience and I would recommend you to anyone.
  • Kathi D.
    1 year ago
    The bioDensity program at PTX provides the opportunity for people to be proactive in their care and keeping strong and health.
  • Tunika S.
    1 year ago
    My whole right side was a mess. Lisa and the dry needling was so good! Jonathan has the hands of a God. Wendy really challenged me. I'm able to wash my back, get out of the car, and sit for more than an hour now. Wendy's personal touch makes it all the better. HEP is a true help. The entire team is awetastic"
  • Frank T.
    1 year ago
    I had shoulder surgery and was in severe pain and experiencing immobility. Everything at PTX was absolutely awesome. PT's, Tech's as well as front desk. Everyone was knowledgable and helpful.
  • Margaret W.
    1 year ago
    Michelle helped me walk without the assistance of a walker and I can often go without a cane. I can roll over and sleep on my side with little to no pain. I can stand up without holding onto anything. I'm able to go up the steps loading my my operative knee. I have to thank Michelle for her kindness & patience. She got me through a meltdown one day and helped me when I was struggling with a panic attach. She gets me. I can't forget Sara and her comic relief. They make working through the pain fun.
  • Megan H.
    1 year ago
    I experienced severe foot & knee pain due to plantar fasciitis for almost a year. Since coming to PTX, my pain is significantly reduced which as allowed me to get back into crossfit and other everyday activities. Thank you mostly to Lisa for helping me feel like myself again!
  • Kortni C.
    1 year ago
    In my year at PTX, my life changed. Through treatment and with the guidance of Lisa & Wendy. I had surgery on a horribly sprained ankle. I was unable to walk without pain & limping. Now I am running, squatting, jumping and walking my dog! Kate's kindness and care helped me to be gentle with myself. Lisa's confidence in my gave me the courage to work hard. I am sad that my PT journey is over because I have come to love everyone who works here.
  • Steve P.
    1 year ago
    Brian got my knee to bend to 85 degress today. I appreciate the professionalism and motivational support
  • Cecile W.
    1 year ago
    Success was going to PT at PTX which was a vehicle full of knowledgeable, patient, kind, helpful & humorous staff. Improvement for my back issues included basic flat exercise graduating to standing exercises, dry needling and the rewarding and relaxing warm heat & e-stim. Education goes hand in hand with success. What I attained in knowledge about my internal body structure, exercises and securing my core will help me maintain my goals. HEP is for life.

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